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'Empowering Oaxacan women to prevent teenage pregnancies'

Mission Statement

Our diploma project aims to empower and educate young women so as to promote freedom of choice in and, above all, prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies. We believe that education and information is the cornerstone of sexual reproductive rights. With your support, we will train women in indigenous communities so that they can run workshops with the local population aimed at fighting the causes of teenage pregnancy.

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Recovery target USD $ 30,000 - Funds raised: USD $ 750.00

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We want you to visit Oaxaca!

When you donate $500 or more, you and yuro friends will be invited to visit the Casa de la Mujer in Oaxaca where you will get a guided tour by the director of the Center. In addition to this, you will be invited to the graduation ceremony on 20 July 2018.

About GESMujer Rosario Castellanos


To contribute to transforming society into a fairer and more equitable one that respects the rights of women; by working with people, government institutions, academics, associations, societies, the private sector, media, foundations and related organizations.


A society in which women and men develop to the heights of their capacities, as much from the perspectives of fairness and gender equality, as those of human rights, interculturality and care for the environment

Our activities

Casa de la mujer: Opened in 1991, we psychological support and legal advice offer advice to women affected by gender related issues; this can be. We also offer a documentation centre that provides specialised information about gender.

GESMujer Joven: We offer a space where youths can develop projects and activities, especially those related to gender equality, sexual reproductive rights, health, and the prevention of domestic violence.
Investigación-Acción: We investigate and intervene in the primary problems faced by women in the state of Oaxaca, especially those related to gender equality and multi-culturalism.

Centro de Capacitación en Liderazgo y Gestión Comunitaria: Training Centre in Leadership and Community Management: We offer seminars and awareness and training workshops aimed at young indigenous and Afro-Mexican women covering topics such as: gender, health, sexual reproductive rights, prevention of gender violence and the development and strengthening of leadership skills.